Marulan Bird with Rocks

The Marulan region is the subject of some well known artwork by the likes of Brett Whiteley, Ramon Ward Thompson and Reg Mobassa.

Brett Whiteley created ‘Marulan Bird with Rocks’ (www.samtaylorweb/marulan-bird-with-rocks) after a chance meeting with local Peter Brewer who invited him to his property ‘Green Hills’.

Image courtesy of Brett Whiteley Studio. Photo: AGNSW

Since his time as a student at a private college in Bathurst, to time spent in Sofala, Hill End and Carcoar, Brett Whiteley had a lasting connection with the landscape and countryside to the west of the Great Divide. This artwork features the natural rolling hills of the land, and was influenced by Lloyd Rees’ (Whiteley’s friend) artworks. Its use of warm colours is juxtaposed to the intense blue of his Harbour artworks such as Balcony 2.

Marulan bird with rocks, circa 1980.
Oil, gouache, collage, rocks on plywood, 96.5 x 77cm.

Hume Highway near Marulan

Reg Mobassa ( painted ‘Hume Highway near Marulan’ and Ramon Ward Thompson created some beautiful works based on Marulan’s landscape.

The region is also home to many local artisans across a range of mediums. You can find these treasures in shops along the main streets of Marulan.

Hume Highway near Marulan
Etching, aquatint, edition 18/20, framed.
Artwork size: 25cm x 32.5cm
Framed size: 58cm x 63cm