Larissa Fae – Artist – begins to paint our Marulan Mural

Marulan welcomes Artist Larissa Fae to Marulan today as she starts to create a mural on the side of Marulan Memorial Hall. Larissa is a figurative painter and mural artist living in Gunning.  The initiative has been funded by Southern Tablelands Arts as part of their Paint the Town Street Art Festival that brings nationally established artists to work simultaneously with local talent to create murals that reflect our recovery journey since the 2019 black summer fires. Please stop and say hello if you’re in town, Larissa is painting the wall at the end of the Memorial Hall next to Tony Onions Park. She’ll be around over the next 2-3 weeks weather permitting! Mural Concept: In the centre, a portrait of a young child, framed by trees and native flowers with a background of clouds and smoke billowing up to blue sky. There will be a nod to the fact that Marulan is situated on the 150th meridian east line of longitude within the artwork. The colour palette for the piece will be vivid, with saturated hues of pink, orange and vermilion throughout the main background, anchored in warm grey tones towards the edges of the clouds of smoke. Calm blue sky will frame the top of the piece, and within the centre will be an oasis of green and the various colours of the wildflowers. Neutral tones will draw the piece together so that it feels harmonious, balanced and healthy. Larissa will also take care to paint the piece with the roof colour and surrounding walls in mind, so the artwork flows. “The message of this artwork is a simple one, but I think that it is true. We are like the trees. We are like the forests who held fast in the face of the storm, who fire blackened, but whose core and roots held on to life. I hope that whoever sees this remembers that they can grow, as long as they live they can grow through anything,” says Larissa. You can see some of her previous work on Instagram here. PAINT THE TOWN Street Art Festivals have been rolling out over two years with murals across Wollondilly, Wingecarribee, Upper Lachlan and soon Goulburn Mulwaree. For more information head to their website Any enquiries about the mural should be directed to Susanne Mitchell on 0403 395 300. Susanne is the editor of our new website and also our representative looking after the project on behalf of the Marulan & District Progress Association.